Heat It Up

It’s safe to say that ever since January 1st I’ve been done with Winter. I can only handle so much pale skin and knitwear before I start daydreaming about sipping a Mai Tai by the pool – I can’t help it, I’m a summer junkie! So yes, I admit, I’ve been scrolling through SkyScanner every day and I’ve been adding an ungodly amount of bikinis to my ASOS basket, but I’m only human. Don’t judge me.

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All That Glitters

Is anyone else ridiculously excited for New Years Eve this year? Anything that involves champagne and sparkly dresses is a big fat ‘Yes!’ from me, especially if it gives me a good excuse to add a bit of glitter to my makeup!

I’ve been playing around with lots of pigments and glitters this Christmas on my clients and on myself, and one of my favourites so far is a glitter cut crease. I absolutely love the contrast between cool, matte shadows and warm holographic sparkles. I feel like it adds a really cool, modern twist and makes the glitter really wearable. Paired with flawless skin and matte lips, it’s just the perfect look for New Years Eve! And if you have the right tools, it’s actually surprisingly easy to do. Keep scrolling to see the finished look, and for a step-by-step guide on how to create this look on yourself.

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Beauty On A Budget: My Drugstore Favourites

Makeup is all about trial and error. Some of the most luxurious, expensive products on the market can leave you sorely disappointed, whilst you could pick up the cheapest thing on the shelf in Superdrug and fall in love with it. This post is all about the latter. Whilst I admit I am usually a high-end junkie, especially when stocking up my freelance kit, there are a few little drugstore gems that I have discovered along the way that I couldn’t be without. These are products that I genuinely love and reach for over high-end products every day, whether it’s on myself or on my clients.

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Get The Look: Victoria’s Secret 2016

Did anybody else spend endless hours drooling over Kendall and Adriana last week? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then it would have been pretty impossible to avoid the tidal wave of iconic pink satin robes, bronzed glowing pins and perfectly tousled locks that is the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And I certainly ain’t complaining.

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High End Products That Are Worth Your Money

Makeup shopping is hard work, even for the addicts amongst us. Unless you’re willing to spend hours scrolling through reviews and product descriptions online every time you need something new, it’s difficult to tell whether or not something is going to work for you. That confusion quickly turns into frustration when you go into ‘Treat yo self’ mode and splurge on a high end product that ends up being a total let down that you never actually end up using. The betrayal!
If you know this feeling all too well and don’t want to risk it again, then it’s your lucky day. I’ve splurged all of my money so you don’t have to! I am SUCH a kind person. Scroll down to see which high-end products have become staples in my make-up bag…

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All About The Base

If I could give any of my clients one piece of makeup advice, it would be to master the art of creating a flawless base. When the skin looks smooth, healthy and glowing, everything else just falls into place. I get SO many questions on this topic, but I’m here to deliver some painful news, ladies. There is no simple answer! It would be pretty dreamy if there was one magical product that I could recommend to you that meant we could all walk around looking like Beyoncé every day, but sadly, it ain’t that simple..

However, there are indeed lots of little, magical tips and tricks that when combined together with a bit of TLC can definitely give you that red-carpet glow. With that being said, here is my all-or-nothing, ride or die, all you need to know guide on creating a flawless base.

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Go-to Glam

Every girl has their go-to glam when it comes to makeup. It’s all about those trusty products that will always have your back, and knowing exactly what to put on when you want to feel your sassiest. Sometimes we try and leave. We think the grass is greener, we fool around with the opposition and convince ourselves we should try something new. But we always end up coming back for more…ahh good old go-to glam.

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Double Up

One thing that always surprises me when I’m doing a clients makeup is the ‘wow, I’ve never thought to do that before’ response when I mix and match my products. Cosmetics are marketed so explicitly nowadays that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and want to buy everything in the makeup aisle, but I promise you that this isn’t always necessary. Many products can actually have multiple uses, which saves us all money, time, and a bit of room in our makeup bags. And who wouldn’t want that? Keep reading to find out how to milk your makeup for all it’s worth…

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