Moon Child

I’m obsessing over cool, matte tones at the moment whether it be clothes, interior or makeup. My entire life seems to consist of grey, nude and khaki, and guess what? I ain’t changing it for nobody. Not even my makeup.

I love the contrast between super glowy skin and earthy, matte shadows, so I decided to create a look which ticks all the boxes. It came out pretty futuristic and gave me major space girl vibes if I do say so myself! Scroll down to see a breakdown of all the products I used.

Disclaimer: you may feel slightly superhuman if you try this.

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Red Alert

It’s officially Autumn. And do you know what that means? Warm tones. Obviously!

My friend Hannah has the prettiest green eyes ever (I’m not biased, I swear) and I wanted to really make them pop with dark red tones. This can seem a bit of a scary colour choice, but when smoked out with warm brown tones it’s so wearable. I kept the rest of the look simple with smoothed out skin and nude lips, so that the eyes could be the star of the show.

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All Copper Everything

Listen up. If your eyes are as blue as my friend Stacey’s then you’re gonna thank me for this one. Copper is your best friend.

Metallic eyes are SO beautiful but many people vow ‘never again’ after a bad experience with a glitter pot in their teens. But trust me, you can make it work. It’s all about choosing the right shade for you. Colour wheel theory is not to be underestimated, and whilst picking your yellows from your reds in primary school may seem like an odd thing to apply to makeup, it really does work (see the solid evidence in the photos below). Identify your eye colour and find the shade exactly opposite on the colour wheel. This, my friend, is the colour that will change your life. Ok, bit dramatic, but it will have you slayin’ the makeup game.

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